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Lock in your savings!

Imagine going back in time twenty years and striking a deal with your local gas station. They give you a card and and tell you that every time you swipe it, you get the gas at 60 cents a gallon, no matter how the industry fluctuates your price is locked in. Not a bad deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Imagine traveling, driving the kids to and from their events, camping, and commuting around town knowing that you locked in your rates while everyone else saw theirs gradually raising year after year.

This is a similar offer to what solar offers customers today! Utility costs have raised at a 3-5% rate consistently over the last 20 years and our goal is to protect you from those increasing rates. Why not just move your power source right onto your home rather than pay more for it to be transferred to you?

Many people are under the impression that solar will cost them more than what they are currently paying, but in most cases, we are able to save you money from day one! This is possible because the sun is doing most of the work, the technology of today’s panels works extremely efficiently, and many states as well as the federal government offer great financial incentives to make solar as affordable as possible for the consumer.

When we create a custom design for your home, we will produce the electricity that your home needs easier than your utility company and at a better price. Many of our plans offer savings from the start, but the thing that our customers love more than anything is that we will lock in your rates long term!

Our customers are always pleased to find out they can switch to renewable energy from coal AND save money along the way. What we will do is take your average bill throughout the year and design a system to produce all or most of your electricity needs. Many customers see a small amount saved each month when they start with solar, but as they add up their long term savings compared to rising utility rates the savings turn into tens of thousands. Much like the situation of locking in your gas prices twenty years ago, this is something that will just get better and better with time. It’s a smart and affordable decision to make for many homes right now.

In today’s society, we understand how important it is for our customers to be able to budget and save money. With our plans, you will know exactly what you are paying us month after month, year after year! You wont see the spikes in your utility bill that you’ve grown accustom to during hotter months. The move to clean energy is a smart and responsible move towards better savings and cleaner energy.