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South Carolina Sunshine & Savings

South Carolina has some of the most lucrative solar incentives and rebates in the country

The beautiful weather makes for more than just summer vacations, South Carolina is also a great state for solar. Thanks to year-round sunshine and great solar incentives, homeowners in the Palmetto State can save thousands of dollars when they install a solar on their roof. If you decide to go solar, net metering is important to understand.

Net Metering

Like many other states, South Carolina has net metering that lets homeowners with solar energy systems “bank” the extra electricity that their solar panels produce. When you need more power than you’re generating, you can use your net meter credits to make up the difference.

South Carolina Energy Tax Credit

Cut the cost of installing solar on your home by 25 percent with South Carolina’s state tax credit for going solar. Homeowners of the South Carolina can claim 25 percent of their solar costs as a tax credit ,and if you don’t pay enough in taxes to get the full value of the credit in one year, it carries over for up to 10 years.

Federal Tax Credit

One of the best solar incentives out there, is the federal solar tax credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit, this cuts the cost of going solar by 30 percent. If you don’t pay enough in taxes to claim the credit in one year, it carries over into future years.

So as you can see, going solar not only saves you thousands of dollars in energy costs, there is No money down, and you become your own energy provider. There is flexibility if you decide to sell your house. Along with No lien added to the home.

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