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Does My Home Qualify for Solar?

Before you begin the solar process, it’s best to have an idea of whether or not your home is qualified for solar. Bright World Solar looks at these few simple guidelines to help identify your solar savings:

  1. Are you a homeowner?

  2. Do you have a south-facing roof? The more south-facing your roof is, the more energy your solar system will produce.

  3. Is your roof large enough? The rule of thumb is, if your roof can fit three cars side-by-side, then it’s large enough for solar panels!

  4. Is there minimal shading on your roof? Check to see that there isn’t shading caused by trees or larger buildings and skyscrapers.

  5. Is your roof relatively clear of obstructions? We can usually work

around chimney or pipes, but if there are several roof obstructions, then it will be very difficult to install an array of solar panels.

  1. Do you have an electric bill that’s over $75? We want to help you eliminate or reduce your electric bill!

If you’re unsure of any of the above, let us help you by filling out the form on our quote page BrightWorldSolar.com/quote or by contacting Jay@BrightWorldSolar.com

Now Is The Time To Go Solar!

If you’re interested in going solar, NOW is the time! Before the incentives decrease!

For a Free Solar Savings quote contact Jay@BrightWorldSolar.com